How to Help Parents Cope with Preventing and Getting Rid of Head Lice


Although synthetic prescriptions are suggested that may kills this new strain of lice with a high resistance to current drugs, there are natural topical herbs and foods that can be eaten that can do the same thing with no side effects. Continue reading


How to Reduce Food Produce Prices


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First thing to note is the farmers are NOT the ones making all the money. The stores selling the produce are the ones actually reaping most of the profit. Why are the stores selling the produce making so much more? … Continue reading

Johnson & Johnson Recall Tylenol Extra Strength

(NaturalNews) It appears as though Johnson & Johnson (J&J) may soon have nothing left to recall, as the company announced this week yet another recall in a long line of recalls in the past several years.

This time, more than 60,000 bottles of Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets produced in 2009 for US distribution were found to be contaminated with the same odor-causing chemical identified in many of its other recalled drugs.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the division responsible for the tainted Tylenol, says that 2,4,6-tribromoanisole (TBA), a chemical preservative used to the treat wood pallets that store and ship drug bottles, is responsible for causing the “musty,” “moldy” odor that sparked the recall. The chemical is known to cause “temporary and non-serious gastrointestinal symptoms” in some patients, but is supposedly safe otherwise, according to McNeil.

The recalled products include all Tylenol, Extra Strength Caplets, 225 count, with lot number ABA619, and UPC Code 300450444271. Consumers who currently possess this product are urged to stop using it, and immediately contact McNeil at 1-888-222-6036 for instructions about how to receive a refund or product coupon.

According to a recent Associated Press (AP) report on the recall, J&J has had roughly two dozen recalls of “prescription and nonprescription medicines, replacement hips, contact lenses and diabetes test strips, including tens of millions of bottles of children’s and adult Tylenol and Motrin” since September 2009.

The same report explains that continued safety failures has put three J&J manufacturing facilities under federal scrutiny. And a TIME article from back in March, which appears to have since been pulled the magazine’s web archives, explained that the federal government actually seized legal control over McNeil’s Fort Washington, Penn., facility, which has been the source of most of the products involved in the recent recalls (…).

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Macular Degeneration – Prevent the Major Cause of Blindness

(NaturalNews) Thirty years ago, diabetes was the most common cause of blindness in the USA. Now macular degeneration is the common cause of blindness. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is much more common now than a few decades ago. After age 50, odds for AMD occurring are one in ten. That`s why it`s important to understand AMD, its symptoms, and the nutritional protocol to prevent it now.

“I don`t think there`s any doubt we have an epidemic”, asserts Dr. Paul Beaumont, an ophthalmologist with the Macular Degeneration Foundation. He has seen a tenfold increase of AMD in the last 30 years.

What Macular Degeneration Is

Like cancer, macular degeneration develops slowly. AMD progressively affects the macula. The macula is located in the center of the retina, which is inside of the eyeball sending signals through the optic nerve to the brain. The macula is responsible for focusing central vision.

A lack of focus makes it difficult to see well straight ahead while retaining decent peripheral vision. Retina and macula cells deteriorate when the tiny blood vessels in the eye become damaged or clogged. Cellular nourishment, oxygenation, and waste removal become clogged. Then the cone cells in the macula lutea wither and die. Blindness is not sudden, but impaired vision is.

Early symptoms include blurred straight ahead vision with intact peripheral vision, wavy lines when viewing a grid, poor color discrimination, and extreme sensitivity to glare, making it difficult to see well in bright lightor to switch focus from bright to dark. The most serious symptom is central scotoma. Central scotoma is a gray, black, or blind spot in the middle of one`s vision. Some levels of advanced macular degeneration