Paleo Turmeric Nuts N Cream

An amazingly delicious Golden coconut recipe that is an excellent Paleo brain food, inflammation reducer, heart healthy, weight management assisting and age rejuvenation that will have everyone desiring it as a staple. Continue reading


Garlic is good for your health!

Most people know garlic because for its noticeable scent. But did you know that this member of the onion family is actually really good for you? It can do a number of positive things for your health! The antioxidants contained in garlic can lower your blood pressure because antioxidants maintain flexibility of arteries and blood vessels. According to the Anti-Aging Clinic, Inc of Florida, garlic was used to treat arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) by the Egyptians and earliest Chinese dynasties, in folk medicine. As far back as the first century AD, Dioscorides wrote of its ability to “clear the arteries.” Some studies have shown that eating garlic can reduce the risk of stomach cancer and cardiovascular disease. And of course, garlic is good because of the flavor it adds to any dish! It is commonly known as “Italian candy” because it is in nearly all Italian recipes. Garlic can flavor food without raising your blood pressure, as can its sister foods, onions and chives.

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Cilantro: herb assists in heavy metal detoxification

(NaturalNews) Heavy metals have inundated most of our bodies and they’re a source of many serious health problems. In fact, when you understand how pervasive heavy metals are and the problems they cause, it’ll probably become important to you to remove them from your body. Fortunately, with the help of a little cilantro, you can do effective heavy metal detoxification right in your own home.

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GM Soy Destroying Children

NaturalNews Soy, once touted as a medical miracle, has been outed. Ninety-one percent of the soy we consume is tainted by the filth of the GMO machine, literally the most quietly kept epidemic of our lifetime. Soy makes up a large portion of the diet for the chickens, pigs, and cows some of us eat. Even the vegetarian/vegan community is exposed as a number of meat substitutes list soy as a main ingredient. Soy and soybean oil have wiggled their way into a wide array of processed foods including salad dressings, peanut butter, tamari, mayonnaise, crackers, baby formula, baked good mixes, textured vegetable protein, and the list goes on. So unless you are eating an organic version of any of the above, there is a good chance you are exposing yourself to GMO soy.

via GM soy destroying children.

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Mama Vega’s Bistro is the star of what is fresh, vegetarian | Our Weekly – Black News | African American News | Black Entertainment | Black America.