How Now NO Cow!

Everyone is talking about the problem with milk and the genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH) in milk which has been shown to increase cancer. However, the concerns should be regarding the entire dairy and meat industry not just milk as well and the overall adverse impact on the economy and expense to the health of the nation.

According to a post on the Prevent Cancer Coalition’s web site,, the following is true:

American dairy farmers inject rBGH to dairy cows to increase milk production.

European nations and Canada have banned rBGH to protect citizens from IGF-1 hazards.

Monsanto Co., the manufacturer of rBGH, has influenced U. S. product safety laws permitting the sale of unlabeled rBGH milk. (Monsanto would lose billions of dollars if rBGH were banned in America.)

Q. Is there any milk not contaminated with rBGH and IGF-1?

A. Yes. Milk that is clearly labeled “NO rBGH” is free of rBGH and does not contain excess levels of IGF-1.

Q. What about cheeses?

A. American-made cheeses are contaminated with rBGH and excess levels of IGF-1 unless they’re labeled “NO rBGH”. Imported European cheeses are safe since Europe has banned rBGH. ”

Where’s the Beef?” Well, it only stands to reason that it too IS contaminated with the touch of Monsanto.

Is the growth in the number of people said to have  lactose intolerance due to a problem with cow’s milk or a problem with the genetically altered protein in cows being consumed due to the injection of rBGH and other so called SAFE vaccines?

What are some solutions?

  1. As we wait for the FDA to reverse its decision that these vaccines are killing us, we STOP eating contaminated products
  2. If you are going to have milk, drink goats milk that has not been from these sources
  3. Drink almond or coconut milk
  4. There are many other sources for calcium and the sun works wonders for vitamin-D
  5. Avoid soy milk because it has been contaminated unless organic
  6. Only eat certified organic from proven sources
  7. Grow your own vegetables on your patio in flower pots
  8. Eat game meat: ostrich, buffalo, deer and any other game meat if you must have meat
  9. Eat sustainable fish following this list provided by the Monterey Bay Aquarium
  10. Encourage others to follow this list and post on Facebook and Twitter

In conclusion, Have Now NO Cow!

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Pink Slime and Cochineal? Mmmm.. Really

This is added to Starbucks coffee, ketchup, Ocean Spray, meats and an assortment of other foods.

Last week it was the meat industry being exposed for putting “Pink Slime” in seventy percent (70%) of the meat in the United States. Now this week, Starbucks announces it has been using cochineal in its coffee. I cannot wait to see what we will have announced is in our food next week.

If you have not read the article posted on “Pink Slime” check it out at I discuss the ammonium that has been added and how that is really a poison.

Regarding Starbucks and cochineal, this is really crushed insects used to give their coffee the caramel coloring. Starbucks is not the only company using this insect additive. It can be found in ketchup, meats and alcoholic beverages.

Interesting, the only item on the list that would have an ingredient label disclosing the name or coloring is the ketchup. therefore, when you get your ammonium poison  coated meat that has been seasoned with crushed insects, you do not have to be informed.

What happened to full disclosure?

How many vegan’s have now been on a diet of bugs without knowing they were?

These two examples alone are prime reasons why YOU as a consumer, must  ask for an ingredient listing with an explanation of the meaning of the ingredients and a reference list. ASK questions and stop being the little mice following the Pied Piper right off the cliff to your early death.

“Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” why don’t YOU???

GM Soy Destroying Children

NaturalNews Soy, once touted as a medical miracle, has been outed. Ninety-one percent of the soy we consume is tainted by the filth of the GMO machine, literally the most quietly kept epidemic of our lifetime. Soy makes up a large portion of the diet for the chickens, pigs, and cows some of us eat. Even the vegetarian/vegan community is exposed as a number of meat substitutes list soy as a main ingredient. Soy and soybean oil have wiggled their way into a wide array of processed foods including salad dressings, peanut butter, tamari, mayonnaise, crackers, baby formula, baked good mixes, textured vegetable protein, and the list goes on. So unless you are eating an organic version of any of the above, there is a good chance you are exposing yourself to GMO soy.

via GM soy destroying children.

The latest scientific abomination: Genetically modified cows produce human breast milk

Just in case you weren’t already amused enough today, “scientists” are now crossing human genes with cow genes to create cows that produce “human” breast milk. OMG, I wish I were making this up as some sort of sick April Fool’s joke, but I’m not. This is being called cutting-edge science. It’s just what we all need to feed our babies, right? Genetically modified nearly-human bovine breast milk!


The latest scientific abomination: Genetically modified cows produce human breast milk.