How to Help Parents Cope with Preventing and Getting Rid of Head Lice


Although synthetic prescriptions are suggested that may kills this new strain of lice with a high resistance to current drugs, there are natural topical herbs and foods that can be eaten that can do the same thing with no side effects. Continue reading


How to Reduce Food Produce Prices


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First thing to note is the farmers are NOT the ones making all the money. The stores selling the produce are the ones actually reaping most of the profit. Why are the stores selling the produce making so much more? … Continue reading

Tug-of-Love: Kids Taken from Moms | Photos – ABC News

Children taken from immigrant mothers are placed in foster care, adopted.

Watch the video and please tell us what you think.

Tug-of-Love: Kids Taken from Moms | Photos – ABC News.

Paying with cash leads to better food choices

(NaturalNews) How you pay for your food affects the type of food you buy, according to new research published in the Journal of Consumer Research. Researchers say that paying with cash rather than credit or debit cards encourages healthier food choices. Psychologically, handing over actual money rather than plastic puts more value on the things consumers buy, and thus discourages “impulse” buying of junk foods.


Vaccines lower immunity

(NaturalNews) Vaccinations are even worse than what most have thought. Vaccine injuries that can happen to anyone randomly amongst the vaccinated are not the only issues. Some experts claim vaccines lower immunity for everyone who receives them. The increased disease count for any given populace matches its increased vaccination schedule.

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North America’s water fluoridation debate: Battleground Austin

(NaturalNews) As a result of a year-long public outcry against water fluoridation in Austin, TX, the City Council held its second public meeting on the issue May 18, which attracted a standing-room only crowd.

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Study on cell phone dangers prompts major call for school bans

(NaturalNews) An influential European committee known as the Council of Europe has ruled that cell phones and wireless internet connections pose a risk to human health and should subsequently be banned from schools. The committee concluded that immediate action was necessary to protect the children from the potential dangers, releasing a report that acts as a call to arms. The decision comes after mounting evidence has linked mobile phones, in addition to electromagnetic fields, to a number of harsh health ailments. With such a powerful group calling for bans on harmful electronics, it is highly possible that it will not only become law in the European Union, but across the globe as well.

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