Mama Vega, founder of Mama Vega*s Salsa and Mama Vega*s Bistro creates all natural, no preservative and no additive free products. Her salsa is currently the only salsa in the nation recognized as a More Matters product.

Salsas are generally known as condiments to be served with chips. Mama Vega*s Salsa is classified as a pre-cut seasoned vegetable used to enhance the flavors of recipes.  It becomes the flavoring ingredient.

At Mama Vega*s Bistro, her salsa in used in every course from breakfast pancakes and smoothies to main dishes and deserts such as a strawberry surprise and blonde brownies.

Having no adeed sugars and low in sodium content, this salsa is perfect for diabetics and those on a low glycemic diet wnating that additional flavor. Its gluten-free status makes it a welcome taste for those with celiac disease.  Finally, there is no citric acid and this has been a blessing to parents of autistic, ADD and ADHD children.


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