FREE Gift Basket with Mama Vega Products worth over $100.00!

Wait, FREE, What is the catch? Mama always said, “Nothing in Life is FREE!”

Well, this basket of Mama Vega Products will not cost you any money. That is correct you pay ZERO.

All you have to do is One OR All of the following:

  1. LIKE Mama Vega Foods page on Facebook
  2. SHARE THIS POST on  Facebook page
  3. Write a review on Mama Vega Foods page
  4. Share a picture you created using any one of Mama Vega Products
  5. Share a recipe you would create with one of Mama Vega Products

The more you do, the more you increase your chances of winning, Good Luck to you all.

The Drawing is done by a third party and NOT Mama Vega nor her staff.


Organic roasted garlic

Strawberry preserves

Organic Heirloom pasta sauce

Hillbilly sauce

Poultry seasoning

BBQ seasoning/rub

Wings and Things

Chili Lime Mint sauce


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