Mainstream media halts accurate reporting on Japan’s worsening nuclear catastrophe; disinfo campaign now underway

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As of right now, the situation remains desperate in Japan, with a confirmation coming this morning that the food near Fukushima is now radioactive.

Efforts to cover the spent fuel rods with cooling water have failed again and again, and now there is concern that at least one of the fuel rod storage pools may be cracked, meaning it cannot hold water. Thus, there’s no way to cover the fuel rods no matter how much water you pump in (and the pumps aren’t even operating yet anyway…)

The official government explanations about radiation exposure in Japan are an insult to intelligence. A few days ago, they would say things like “The amount of radiation people are experiencing is only equal to that of a chest X-ray.” Today with the irradiated food, they now are comparing your exposure to “the amount of radiation you might get from a CT scan.” What they don’t tell you is that a CT scan emits up to 600 times more radiation than a chest X-ray.

What’s next on this scale? Are they soon going to announce that people are only exposed to “the same amount of radiation as a miscalibrated mammogram?” And folks, the radiation exposure in Japan is constant radiation, meaning it’s like getting a CT scan that just keeps scanning 24/7 (if you’re close enough to the Fukushima plant). This isn’t one limited dose that turns off in two seconds, it’s an ongoing radiation avalanche that keeps coming.

The mainstream media has all but abandoned accurate reporting on this issue, almost as if they were all ordered by the White House to just stop talking about Fukushima (because it was scaring people).Click below

Mainstream media halts accurate reporting on Japan’s worsening nuclear catastrophe; disinfo campaign now underway.

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