Amaretti Delights – Balance your energy with this nutrient-rich, plant-based treat

(NaturalNews) Are you aware that an energy imbalance can be the culprit for feeling over-stimulated or depressed and is one possible cause for those lags in the middle of the day? Do you know that an energy imbalance can be attributed to a lack of nutrient rich, plant-based foods in the eating regimen? This is a vital reason to consume foods from the plant kingdom as part of a healthy eating plan. The ingredients in our Amaretti Delights recipe are phytochemically fortifying to the body. In turn, this fortification helps to have favorable energy that is balanced, steadily released and long-lasting.

The almond nut is featured in this recipe, and it has within it three key nutrients that are essential in providing balanced energy for daily, all day, peak performance. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and the two trace minerals of manganese and copper will put the health promoting pep in our step.

How do these three nutrients work to promote balanced energy?

When active in energy production pathways, riboflavin takes the form of either flavin adenine dinucleotide or flavin mononucleotide. In either one of these two forms, riboflavin attaches to protein enzymes called flavoproteins that allow oxygen based energy production to occur. Manganese and copper are essential cofactors of an oxidative enzyme called superoxide dismutase. Superoxide dismutase keeps our energy flowing by disarming free radicals produced within the energy production factories of our cells (mitochondria).

Create balanced energy with Amaretti Delights…

Place into a food processor:

Dates (Medjool) = 9-ounces (weigh and then pit; chop into paste)

Salt (Himalayan, unrefined and unheated) = 3/4-teaspoon

Almond (pure extract) = 1-tablespoon

Blend ingredients until smooth.
Add to food processor:

Coconut butter = 6-tablespoons (refer to notes)

Honey = 6-tablespoons (refer to notes)

Blend ingredients until smooth.
Add to food processor:

Almond pulp = 3-cups (refer to notes)

Blend in the almond pulp.
Add to food processor:

Almond butter = 1-cup, packed (refer to notes)

Blend in the almond butter.
Add to food processor:

Coconut (dried, finely shredded) = 3/4-cup
(an additional 1-cup is needed to coat the Delights)

Add 3/4-cup coconut to food processor, and press coconut into mixture. Blend mixture until smooth. Place the additional 1-cup coconut into a bowl, and set aside. Scoop out one measured level tablespoon of batter. Shape 1-tablespoon batter into a ball, and roll the ball in the bowl of coconut. Coat entire surface with coconut. Repeat process. When arranging in a container, Amaretti Delights can be piled one on top of another. To mingle flavors, refrigerate Amaretti Delights for a minimum of 8-hours. This recipe yields 6-dozen Delights.


*1 The coconut butter used in this recipe is 100% organic raw coconut meat dehydrated at a low temperature.

*2 For health, it is important to use a honey that is pure, unprocessed, unfiltered and unheated. In addition, certified organic honey is available.

*3 If objecting to honey, feel free to substitute with another liquid sweetener that imparts like flavor. This recipe has been tested with honey only. If you use another sweetener and experience success, will you comment below?

*4 Best flavor and best nutrition comes from food that is heirloom and grown organically, sustainably or biodynamically.

*5 For the how-to on making almond pulp and almond butter, click related link in “Article References”.

Article References


Almond (Extracts and Flavorings)


About the author

This recipe creation is by Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall. Via YouTube video, Dianne brings you alive healthful recipes that she and Paul enjoy time and time again. Catch Dianne and Paul in food-prep recipe-demoing action ToLiveWellNow.
Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall has a passion to share her many extremely challenging experiences and the grand lessons she has learned. If you could pick up a blue-eyed blonde-haired little girl of 5 and spare her so very many years of forthcoming pain of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental, would you? Dianne was this little girl. Born in 1963, Dianne desires to share information that comes from deep suffering in order to help parental figures understand how to give children an abundant life(as well as themselves). Dianne wants to help people ToLiveWell!

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