Top Five Foods To Reduce Stomach Bloat On A Weight Loss Diet

Many people start up on a weight loss diet program and are at first seeing good success; the pounds are coming off, they’re looking thinner in the mirror, and their energy levels are staying strong.

But a few weeks later, after making the full switch over to more weight loss friendly foods, they start noticing their stomach appears to be getting larger. What’s going on?

In two words, stomach bloat.

It’s the downside to many diets as they tend to be a bit higher in fiber, which is something the body isn’t used to. Because of this, it causes stomach distention and you’re left with that bloated, puffy feeling in your lower abdomen.

Luckily, if you make an extra effort to eat certain foods, you can help keep this bloat down while on your weight loss diet.

Here are the foods to consider.


Not only is asparagus a great, low-calorie side-dish for your meals, it also works well to stop the bloat.

There are certain compounds in the vegetable that promote the growth of certain bacteria in the intestines, which will then serve to increase the movement of food through the colon.

Good ways to cook this vegetable include grilling or boiling it.


While you might commonly reach for an apple when on a diet, a better fruit to consider is papaya. Loaded with plenty of antioxidants and low in calories as well, it has a digestive enzyme called papain in it, which aids with the digestion and breakdown of protein by the body.

Since excess protein does tend to cause gas and bloat, eating a bit more papaya when you boost your protein intake on a diet is a terrific idea.


Many people will be avoiding this fruit as it is typically a bit higher in calories but if you make room to have even half a cup it can help you out (and half a cup only has about 40-50 calories anyway).

Pineapple contains a digestive enzyme that helps to promote proper digestion and will help to relive stomach upset and heartburn.

In addition to this, the sweet taste of it may just help fend off any other cravings you may be experiencing while on your weight loss diet.

Water With Mint Leaves

Another great way to put a stop to the bloated feeling is eater drink water that contains peppermint or drink some peppermint tea.

This will help to relieve any gas you presently have in the stomach, which will make the entire weight loss process more comfortable for not only yourself, but for those around you as well.


Finally, the last food that you should consider that will help to prevent the bloated feeling you get while on a weight loss diet is celery. Most diets will contain celery already since it is such a low cal option, but for those who don’t, try and add it in. Even a small amount can really help to flush out the system and remove unwanted water weight.

So, next time you’re feeling bloated, give one of these a try.


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