Does Homeopathy Really Work?

Does homeopathy really work? And if so, how does it work?
Author Louise Mclean demystifies homeopathy in a new book just released by Truth Publishing  

Why is homeopathy such a threat to the institution of modern chemical medicine? Because it works.

Even better, it works without harmful side effects or chemical toxicity. It work so well, in fact, that conventional medical doctors in the UK are trying to outlaw both homeopathy and any system of healing that relies on the “placebo effect” (which is really just mind-body healing).

They don’t want anything to interfere with their chemical monopoly over health and disease, you see, and they don’t believe the mind has anything at all to do with healing. (Their system of medicine is, by definition, “mindless.”)

But homeopathy really works. It has helped millions of people improve their health, and randomized, double-blind placebo controlled studies prove its effectiveness time and time again. That’s why today, we’re publishing a new book on homeopathy called Homeopathy Heals by Louise Mclean.

Here’s the Table of Contents from the book:

1. What is Homeopathy and How does it Work?
2. Who Uses Homeopathy?
3. How Can Homeopathy Help Me?
4. What Does Homeopathy Treat?
5. Every Patient is Unique – Individualisation
6. Homeopathic Remedy Types
7. The Homeopathic Practitioner
8. How Quickly Will I Get Better?
9. How Safe are Homeopathic Medicines?
10. How are Homeopathic Medicines Made?
11. Homeopathic Medicine compared to Modern drugs
12. Homeopathic Hospitals and Scientific Trials
13. Brief Homeopathic History
14. First Aid Remedies
15. Useful Contacts
16. References
17. Self Help Books and Further Reading

Homeopathy Heals is available right now from Truth Publishing:

It’s a relatively short book at 76 pages, making it an easy read — especially for those who are new to the topic. If you’ve ever wanted to know what homeopathy really is (and how it works), this is the perfect guide.

From the author:

Want to start using medicine that is safe, non-toxic and highly effective? Then this little book is for you! It will give you an introduction to the excellent benefits of using homeopathic medicine for a wide variety of conditions.

You will get a brilliant overview of homeopathy and the book includes chapters on what it is and how it works, famous people who use it, what it treats, how it can help you, constitutional remedy types, as well as first aid remedies.

It also explains the concept of how homeopathy individualizes treatments to match the patient’s symptoms, the questions asked by a homeopathic practitioner and how quickly you are likely to get better. In addition, the book covers how homeopathic medicines are made and compares their safety to modern medicine. There is an interesting chapter about the 220 year history of homeopathy in Europe and America, the existing homeopathic hospitals and some of the many scientific trials.

At the end of the book is a useful list of UK and US websites that can be accessed to find practitioners and homeopathic pharmacies, as well as recommended books for men, women, children and animals.
Check it out at Truth Publishing right now:
To your health and wellness,
– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

P.S. Remember, every book offered by Truth Publishing comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Order it today from Truth Publishing with complete confidence and our guarantee of your satisfaction.

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